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28-11-2015 Day 332:
Next couple of days I am continuing with my best work from last year. “LiS & Hayden Wedding”



Walk up the isle in style!

You want your wedding day to be the best day of your life. You want every head to turn as you glide down the aisle in a designer wedding dress. We can dream, but the path of life rarely runs smoothly, so budding brides should take time to create a comprehensive wedding plan. Even the well-organized must make an ultimate wedding checklist, to help them priorities tasks. We have thought of factors brides should consider when writing their wedding To-Do list. Here are some helpful pointers to help you plan your big day:

Walk Up the Aisle in Style

Every bride-to-be longs to wear a slim line bridal gown. She wants flawless skin and glossy flowing hair, so it is essential to plan ahead. In the weeks leading up to the occasion you must:

. Contact an expert makeup artist. Remember good make up artists keep busy
. Build the perfect skin care routine
. Consider laser hair removal or explore the possibility of permanent hair removal
. Get in touch with the nearest body waxing clinic
. Locate a local spray tanning cabin and book an appointment for a spraytan. Spraytanning will help you to glow on the day


You have earned the right to look stunning on your big day. Most of us can manage to look after our skin, make time for body waxing or visit the tanning store to book a spraytan, however, it is best to plan well-ahead if you consider laser hair removal or permanent hair removal. Bridal make up artists are sought after, so book your makeup artist well in advance. Ask friends and family if they know of a reputable MUA.

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Many newly-wed couples hire wedding videographers to film the entire wedding day, but some find the cost prohibitive. Book a consultation with a wedding photographer so that your photo album will overflow with stunning bridal party photography. Wedding day photography in Melbourne is an art and the best wedding photographers are booked months in advance. You have begun to compile your own wedding plan, but you still have a hundred and one jobs to do. Here are other things to add to your wedding day planner:

. Treat your future husband to a session with a personal trainer. The personal trainers will soon whip him into shape so he looks fit for the big day. Source an experienced PT expert, one who specializes in fitness
. The best man may be the bucks party organizer, but he should accompany the soon-to-be groom to every personal training session and encourage him to get fit
. Made to measure suits don’t come cheap, so ensure you choose suits to fit
. Telephone the tailor to choose wedding day suits and book suit fittings for the groom, the father of the bride and the ushers

Wedding planners charge a fortune, so why hire a professional planner when you are capable of being your own bridal organizer? You have already chosen a fitness instructor and booked your partner some fitness training sessions, so you can tick personal training off the list. The menswear shop are making the wedding day suits to fit and the suit fittings are booked weeks ahead. The wedding dress is hanging in the spare room, the senior bridesmaid has offered to organize the hens night events and the best man is bucks night party organizer. You, the blushing bride-to-be have all but finished your wedding day checklist, so your special day should now go without a hitch.

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Every bride wants to look perfect on her big day. She wants to walk down the aisle in the best wedding dress money can buy. Every wedding should be an event to remember and a bride who creates a wedding checklist can prioritise tasks. In the first instance the bride must prepare for the wedding. We have created the ultimate checklist for soon-to-be brides.

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How to Be a Beautiful Bride

You dream of being a slim bride with glowing skin and shiny hair. In the months leading up to the wedding you should:

. Establish an effective skin care routine
. Familiarize yourself with the local tanning cabin
. Book a spraytan bentleigh. Spray tanning is inexpensive and tanned skin is flattering
. Make an appointment with a body waxing clinic
. Consider permanent hair removal if necessary
. Explore the possibility of laser hair removal
. Book a makeup artist


Every budding bride longs to look drop dead gorgeous on her big day. It is relatively easy to visit the tanning cabin to book a spraytan, to establish a great skin care routine or to contact a body waxing service. However, you must plan ahead for permanent hair removal or laser hair removal. Make up artists are in big demand; so it’s wise to book a makeup artist months in advance. Choose an experienced freelance MUA recommended by other brides.

The wedding album will serve as a reminder of the day. Hire a reputable wedding photographer who is experienced in wedding day photographers Melbourne. Contact a well-established photographer who specializes in bridal party photography. Consider hiring wedding videographers to film the special occasion.

So, you have chosen your wedding dress, embraced a good skin routine, booked in at the body waxing clinic, considered laser hair removal because permanent hair removal is the best way forward. You have contacted the tanning shop to inquire about a spraytan and decided spray tanning is the way to go. You have compared make up artists and booked an expert bridal makeup artist. The MUA you chose came highly recommended by a friend who had recently wed.

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After discovering the cost of hiring a wedding videographer you have hired a wedding photography specialist. The fabulous wedding day photography and bridal party photography should fill your album with a range of stunning photos. You are all but ready for the big event; however, your wedding day checklist is not quite finished. If you are compiling the ultimate wedding plan you must consider the following:

. Book a personal training session for your husband-to-be
. The best man is the bucks party night organizer, so he should be on hand to encourage the groom to get fit
. You want your man to look fit for the big day, so treat him to a session with a personal trainer. Pick a PT expert who focuses on fitness
. Contact the tailor to book suit fittings
. Made to measure wedding day suits are costly, so buy fitted suits.

The list may seem endless, but it would cost far more to hire a wedding planner. The personal training sessions booked, you have chosen a fitness instructor who specializes in personal training. The suit fittings are in hand and the tailor knows the wedding day suits must fit perfectly. The best man and the father-of-the-bride must have suits to fit because you want them to stand out from the crowd. The wedding to do list is all but finished. Well, nearly. The best man will be the bucks night party organizer and the chief bridesmaid is in charge of hens night events. You have finalized your wedding day plans, so may your big day be the stuff dreams are made of.

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Ten Professional Wedding Photography Tips I Recommend Trying On Your Special Day!

27-10-2015 Day 300:
Ten Professional Wedding Photography Tips I Recommend Trying On Your Special Day!
10.) The Almost Kiss
Kisses are nice, but they can be sloppy and messy and instead of capturing the happy couple kissing, try to capture the almost kiss moment. Simply ask them to start to kiss but don’t follow through with it and you may end up with some of your best and most romantic wedding photos.


Ten Professional Wedding Photography Tips I Recommend Trying On Your Special Day!

26-10-2015 Day 299:
Ten Professional Wedding Photography Tips I Recommend Trying On Your Special Day!
9.) Compliment the Ladies
A genuine compliment can really help to put the bride, the bride’s mother and the other female members of the wedding party at their ease, especially if it is given when they are getting ready and putting on make up. I do this without overstepping any boundaries and don’t find it too difficult, although some married men seem to find it hard to give a compliment.