Ten Professional Wedding Photography Tips I Recommend Trying On Your Special Day!

During the 1980s and 90s cheap wedding photography largely consisted of artificial and staged poses, although since then, tastes have changed and the trend now is for more natural poses in professional wedding photography Melbourne. These 10 tips will give you an insider’s look at how those beautiful and artistic looking wedding portraits are created. You may want to reproduce some of these natural looking poses yourself or perhaps even get into the wedding photography business yourself.

1.) Stay In Touch

Photographs of people touching each other always seem more natural and intimate than those photos where there is a lot of space between the happy couple. I always tell my subjects to not be afraid to get close to each other or touch each other when I am taking wedding pictures, and I think the affection and love that couples have for each other really comes out in the photos.

2.) Walk Towards the Camera

With many brides and grooms, I tell them to walk away from me and then walk back to me, thinking about something mundane such as what they are doing tomorrow. This ensures that they look naturally and aren’t too preoccupied with the way they look.

3.) Look at Your Shoes

You can get a pretty and glamorous shot of the bride when she looks down at the bottom of her dress or at her shoes, as it highlights their profile. If the bride isn’t going to adopt that pose naturally, ask her to look at her shoes!

4.) Button Up

In the field of natural and professional wedding photography Melbourne grooms also makes for some great photographs when they are getting ready for their big day. To capture the groom looking natural and masculine, ask him to adjust his tie, button his jacket or put his cufflinks on.

5.) Helping the Groom Get Ready

As a variation, take a photograph of the bride’s father, the best man or anyone else helping the groom to adjust his clothing or appearance in some way. Again, the picture will capture an intimate and close moment, which is what good wedding photography is all about.

6.) Spin It!

Ask the bride to spin around in her lovely dress and take a few pictures using a slow shutter speed.

7.) Something With Personality!

If the group seems open to doing this and to make things a lot more fun, I take photographs of the groom and groomsmen separately, and then the bridesmaids each on their own too. However, asking them to give me a pose with personality always gets some interesting results!

8.) Look Away and Then At me

Take full advantage of that split second moment where your subject is not really focused on anything, as they are deciding where to focus their attention. If you can capture that fleeting moment, it gives your wedding pictures an unmistakably realistic and natural quality. Capturing people looking away from the camera also means that you are able to capture them more natural looking and relaxed.

9.) Compliment the Ladies

A genuine compliment can really help to put the bride, the bride’s mother and the other female members of the wedding party at their ease, especially if it is given when they are getting ready and putting on make up. I do this without overstepping any boundaries and don’t find it too difficult, although some married men seem to find it hard to give a compliment.

10.) The Almost Kiss

Kisses are nice, but they can be sloppy and messy and instead of capturing the happy couple kissing, try to capture the almost kiss moment. Simply ask them to start to kiss but don’t follow through with it and you may end up with some of your best and most romantic wedding photos.

When it comes to professional wedding photography Melbourne has many options, but the above tips will help you to stand out from the crowd.

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